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Hi, my name is Yacine Rezgui and I'm a web developer. I'm living in Nice, France.

I discovered the computer world with at its 3.1 version (so old...) and I started coding when I was 12 years old with . At that time, I just knew how to write simple colored pages, display popups and block right click on my website (oh you too ? :p). Young and already passionate.

But the revelation for me was the web 2.0 wave. I saw so many and running so fast.
Startups weren't longer considered simply as a stupid buzzword but as very dynamic and promising young , where the innovation and creativity are the main power.

I got my of Computer Sciences in 2013 in the university of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and I had the best professors as Mireille Blay, Michel Buffa, Nhan Le Thanh and others.

I worked in different companies like Médiamétrie eStat, Tequila Rapido and as a freelance.
I started as a back end developer, using and .

Now I work more as a front end developer. are my new favorite languages.

I fall in love with new Javascript technologies as .
I'm a supporter of SPA architecture (Single Page Application = Main logic in front end and a REST Api).

are my daily tools and is taking his place too. I'm used to .

I'm a big fan of but I already had an (when it was still cool...) and interested by and the new OS.

I already play with and many APIs like .

are my native languages and I talk fluently . I visit these countries : .

I watch movies and dramas from . I do sports like .


JoliCoeur for myself

Web application to make easily a fundraising. It uses Stripe, Twilio, Mailjet and Sendgrid APIs.
Still working on it.

Jane.js for myself

Search engine built with elasticsearch to help developers to find JavaScript resources by indexing blog posts, tutorials, videos, etc.
Still working on it.

Flouss for myself

Paid content management system. Powered by Stripe for the payment, Amazon S3 for the storage and NodeJS & AngularJS libraries.

Houston @ Tequila Rapido

Intranet system of human resource, financial forecasting and projects management.

Supdoc @ University

Appointments management system for a group of doctors. When an appointment is taken, in realtime (made with the agenda of a doctor is updated for the other patients.

RFID Project @ University

Management of profiles (just simple properties) between a RFID card and an Android device by the NFC.

Renault Corporate Sales @ Tequila Rapido


Kodigon for myself

Kodigon is a web application which encode and decode (if possible) string in many algorithm formats like Base64, MD5, SHA1.

eStat'Perso @ Médiamétrie eStat

Refactoring front end code. Adding and improving features(front end & back end) in the customer area. This application is used by more than 20,000 clients.

SIF @ University

Members management system for an association with premium access, registration with payment, events, private files.

New website @ FormaPro-Sup

Create a new website for the company. Made with Wordpress.


French translation of

The definitive front-end performance guide (I have to apply them on this website...).

French compilation of AngularJS resources

A bunch of links to blog posts, articles, videos, etc for learning AngularJS.

Presentation of AngularJS

Basics of AngularJS in French for the meetup JS Sophia

Presentation of Open Data

How the Open Data can improve politics in french


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