Hi, I'm Yacine Rezgui
French-Tunisian JavaScript engineer
Web developer at Import.io

I'm a full-stack JavaScript engineer, based in London. I talk English, French and Arabic. I give talks to different meetups and organize the DevRocket UK Meetup. Check my resume here.

See my work

I got my bachelor of Computer Sciences in 2013 in the university of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and I had the best professors as Mireille Blay, Michel Buffa, Nhan Le Thanh and others.

I worked in different companies like Médiamétrie eStat, Tequila Rapido, GovernorHub and as a freelance.

I started as a backend developer, using and . Now I work more as a frontend developer. are my new favorite languages. I fell in love with new JavaScript technologies as .

are my daily tools.

I already played with and I'm experimenting .

are my native languages and I talk fluently . I visited . I like to watch movies and TV series from .


I love to share my knowledges to people as much as contributing to useful projects :

Ionic Rocket - boilerplate for your HTML5 mobile app

Yakusoku - Realtime appointments system

Ionic, Mobile Framework - talk in Paris

Kifu - create your donate page easily

Flouss - paid content management system

Chushaku - beautiful todo app

Shell Profile

You can play with the JavaScript shell version of my profile. Have fun !